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Phone System Shopping List

Is your phone system outdated and inadequate for meeting your needs? Legacy phone systems often impede business growth. They can be expensive to maintain, have confusing maintenance contracts and obsolete features. They’re also usually incompatible with newer technologies, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Planning for a new office telephone system can sometimes be […]

Password Safety and Helpful Tips

Next time you create another password, pay a little more attention and make it a stronger more secure one!  The goal is to prevent attackers from gaining access to your account and stealing your personal information. Unfortunately, even though people may think this type of criminal activity is somewhat rare, identity theft statistics show that […]

Work Alone Safety Solutions

Working Alone with no one to monitor your work, tell you what you are doing wrong or constantly asking you questions, sounds like the Perfect Job.  Working Alone really means that you are further away from help and first aid if anything happens.  These Incidents can be Tragic for the Worker, their Family and the […]

New Technology Ideas for Your Hotel or Motel

For a hospitality property a working phone system is a priority. It is an emergency if the phone system is not working. However, it is part of the property that is rarely thought of, like a chair or a desk.  For most property’s features have been relatively static since the addition of voice mail, but […]