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How Smart Home Security Devices Protect your Home, Loved Ones and Peace of Mind

A survey in 2012 found that 60% of burglars skip a home if it has an automated home security system. Those who entered unawares fled as soon as they realized there was a home security device installed to alert the homeowners and authorities.  Sensors and smart devices work wonders to protect your home when you’re […]

A Few Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Radios

Digital radio is the future of radio broadcasting. More and more people are upgrading from analog to digital two-way radios, not because they are new but because they are useful. Digital radios have far clearer reception than AM/FM. There is no static, background noise and the digital signal allows for more stations with similar bandwidth.  […]

The Impact of 5G

5G networks will potentially transform the way business is conducted through internet markets. The fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G) promises exciting new services and will impact AI, IoT, media convergence, and create new milestones in connected devices. The 5G technology will provide a higher peak data rate and much greater reliability than its forerunners. It may […]

Prioritize Security

  Businesses looking for an integrated security and surveillance solution can find a daunting range of choices. Following are key elements to consider while selecting the security and surveillance solution that best meets your needs: Clarify your objectives Why do you need a new security and surveillance system? How will it be used to benefit […]