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Fever Screening Solutions

FAST, RELIABLE, SAFE COVID-19 SYMPTOM DETECTION “Approved by Health Canada” One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person Multi-person detection simultaneously Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact Immediately alarming to notify operators AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution Multiple product types and wide range of applications, designed […]

Smart Working Through Distractions

5 Ways to Rethink Your Work-at-Home Situation As countless people began working from home for the first time in their lives, time and again I have heard them express one especially common worry: “How can I get any work done when I have so many distractions?” The fact is there is no way to just […]

Wildix vs. Zoom: A Security Showdown

Amid the sudden surge in demand for smart working, one option that has caught on with literally millions of consumers is Zoom. With its rise to the spotlight, the freemium videoconferencing app has drawn a lot of attention — but not always for the best reasons. The explanation for Zoom’s popularity is most likely that […]