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How’s Your WiFi

How’s your WiFi working for you?  WiFi has gone from nice-to-have to mission-critical ⁠— particularly with the realities of COVID-19. Its use enables everything from mobile medical devices that help sustain and report on patient health, to staff communication and alarm systems, and to guest networks deployed to reduce stress and improve quality-of-life for those […]

Hybrid Working

Hybrid working is very much in demand! In order to implement a hybrid working model, businesses need to make significant changes to how they operate, whether that’s ensuring employees have the necessary equipment, or adapting how managers supervise staff and assign them work. Arguably the most essential overhauls will involve the communications systems they have […]

Surveillance Systems for Business

Whether you need high resolution for facial recognition or reading license plates, we have a solution for you. This is accompanied by reduced file size to meet your storage capacity. Check out the features and benefits of the latest standard for security cameras. High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is the latest iteration in a long line […]