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Business Telephone Options

Business Telephones and Other Terminal Devices

Today there are a plethora of terminal options from which to choose for your new business communications system. Let’s explore some of these.

Executive Telephones. These are larger phones with color screens, touch screens and one-touch feature access. Ideal for the power user.

Standard Desk Telephones. This is your regular office phone that offers some amenities, but not as many as the more expensive models.

Basic Business Telephones. Ideal for low-usage locations such as kitchens, libraries and lobbies.

Softphones. Software installed directly onto your computer, laptop or mobile device, allowing you to use your device. It’s as reliable as your computer, but it wins points for convenience and price.

Wireless Phones. Perfect for receptionists and employees who frequently move about the office, this allows them to always be within reach no matter where they are located.

Door Phones. These are typically placed next to security gates or access doors. With a direct connection to the receptionist or designated employee, they can screen the caller and even remotely unlock the gate or door.

Specialized Devices

Answering Position. These specialty phones are typically reserved for receptionists, because they allow the user to see the status of every phone user. Desktop options are available as an adjunct to the telephone set.

Audio Conferencing Unit. Quality hands-free speakerphone options are available: small units for the office, or boardroom size with options for extended microphones.
Voicestation 500

Fax Lines. Typically, these dedicated analog lines are already in place. They can be replaced by Internet-based solutions. You can even keep your fax machine if you want, but eliminate the analog fax lines. It’s another way to modernize and save money.

External Loud Ringer. Utilized within large spaces, where employees are able to hear a ringing phone throughout the building. These are great for warehouses, kitchens and manufacturing plants.

External Paging System. This allows phone users to access an external set of speakers and announce a message to a large area.
As you can see, there is an abundance of terminal devices available for today’s business telephone systems.

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