Hosted phone benefits for your business!

Our Hardware-as-a-Service telephone system offers benefits that can affect your business both financially and productively. The available features are comparable to what once was only feasible for large enterprises and are now within a small business budget! Potential improvements may include: Reduced long-distance charges Reduced servicing costs Reduced programming costs Reduced network management Reduced travel […]


FREE FOR NEC CUSTOMERS UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2020 AUDIO, VIDEO & WEB COLLABORATION Each user receives their own personal video conferencing account. PLUG AND PLAY Easy to use and easy to install mobile and desktop applications. No heavy IT infrastructure Embed your online meetings experience into everyday applications like Google®, Microsoft® and more. MEET ANYWHERE Host […]

Smart Working Through Distractions

5 Ways to Rethink Your Work-at-Home Situation As countless people began working from home for the first time in their lives, time and again I have heard them express one especially common worry: “How can I get any work done when I have so many distractions?” The fact is there is no way to just […]


There is a lot of noise and confusion about hosted phone systems, work at home options and collaboration options in the current pandemic environment. Nutec has been providing hosted and OPEX solutions for our customers that deliver on these options and opportunities. Nutec Hosted Voice, powered by Wildix. Now with Nutec hosted voice and collaboration, […]


The value of things we take for granted is only discovered when we lose them.  Among these things, health perhaps comes first. That is why it is in times of coronavirus emergencies that we discover the importance of paying attention to our bodies and to others. “I’m fine? I’m sick? Maybe it’s the case that I won’t […]


My cell phone is great, but functionality and office features are limited for use in my office and warehouse. Cell phone batteries don’t last long enough to use all day. I don’t want cell phones on my company network Today’s business environment demands flexible ways of working and excellent customer services. NEC’s IP DECT delivers […]

Go Mobile with MLC

Mobile devices are becoming the primary communications method for most of today’s on-the-go workforce. Along with the expanded use of mobile phones for business comes the challenge of remaining connected and effective, without the functionality of a networked telephone. The Multiline Client provides the power of having the functionality of NEC’s desktop phone through Apple and Android […]

Front Desk Assistant

  Improve your visitor experience with NEC’s Front Desk Assistant (FDA) You can take the visitor management and customer experience to new levels with NEC’s Facial Recognition technology. The FDA features serve to enhance the visitor experience for all types of businesses. In today’s security-conscious environment, most businesses will track and monitor visitors and keep […]

Choosing Your Telephone Solution

Is it time to update your business telephone solution? What choices are available? Legacy ISDN based telephone systems are still available, but the higher line rental costs are pushing IT managers to consider broadband-based VoIP solutions that provide better value for the investment. The choice of VoIP and SIP trunking offers increased resilience and flexibility […]