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Office Phone System for Your Business

Gone are the days of a simple handheld voice telephone being all that you need for your business communications. Office phone systems are now an integral component of business communication. Having a professionally managed phone system will enable your business to streamline communication within your own network, and will revolutionize your customer relationships. But how […]

Virtual Phone for Small Business

What is a Virtual Phone? Depending on the size and the industry of your business, you might be swimming in a sea of desk phones. As life becomes more mobile and digital, especially after the pandemic, the virtual phone is playing a vital role. Virtual phones are basically software-based phones. They connect calls via a […]

Choosing a Telephone System

Trading Your Landline for VoIP Can Save Your Business Money, and Give You New Mobile Options, Too. You’ve been thinking about switching your phone service over to a small business VoIP system (Voice over Internet Protocol), because of the savings potential for your company. However, scrapping your reliable landline system can feel like a big […]

We’ve got the right phone system for your business.

Whether you need phones to support working from home, updating your business phone system, or opening a new office, we have a business telephone system for you. Available features and benefits include: Automated attendant call menus, voicemail to email, intercom, call forward, transfer, call recording, and music on hold. Compatible with standard analog telephone service […]

Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

VoIP for Business has become commonplace in the business and personal marketplace. Most businesses use it, bringing them many benefits. The increases in Increased remote working and working from home following the restrictions imposed by the pandemic has meant many more small businesses using VoIP for Business. Originally VoIP meant a level of expense that put out […]

Hosted phone benefits for your business!

Our Hardware-as-a-Service telephone system offers benefits that can affect your business both financially and productively. The available features are comparable to what once was only feasible for large enterprises and are now within a small business budget! Potential improvements may include: Reduced long-distance charges Reduced servicing costs Reduced programming costs Reduced network management Reduced travel […]


FREE FOR NEC CUSTOMERS UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2020 AUDIO, VIDEO & WEB COLLABORATION Each user receives their own personal video conferencing account. PLUG AND PLAY Easy to use and easy to install mobile and desktop applications. No heavy IT infrastructure Embed your online meetings experience into everyday applications like Google®, Microsoft® and more. MEET ANYWHERE Host […]

Smart Working Through Distractions

5 Ways to Rethink Your Work-at-Home Situation As countless people began working from home for the first time in their lives, time and again I have heard them express one especially common worry: “How can I get any work done when I have so many distractions?” The fact is there is no way to just […]


There is a lot of noise and confusion about hosted phone systems, work at home options and collaboration options in the current pandemic environment. Nutec has been providing hosted and OPEX solutions for our customers that deliver on these options and opportunities. Nutec Hosted Voice, powered by Wildix. Now with Nutec hosted voice and collaboration, […]