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Work Alone Safety Solutions

Working Alone with no one to monitor your work, tell you what you are doing wrong or constantly asking you questions, sounds like the Perfect Job.  Working Alone really means that you are further away from help and first aid if anything happens.  These Incidents can be Tragic for the Worker, their Family and the […]

Tracking Your most Valuable Assets

Tracking assets is a vital task for any business. Keeping track of your most valuable assets including your employees, equipment, and fleet is a concern for many businesses today. To help track these, many companies are turning to GPS Tracking Solutions. You may notice that there are as many available systems as there are flavours […]

Who’s got your back?

GPS Vehicle tracking isn’t enough when you have personnel in the field on their own. While it’s comforting to know where your employees are, how do you know they are all right? First, let’s look at what situations define the lone worker. What is meant by working alone? According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational […]