A Few Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Radios

Digital radio is the future of radio broadcasting. More and more people are upgrading from analog to digital two-way radios, not because they are new but because they are useful. Digital radios have far clearer reception than AM/FM. There is no static, background noise and the digital signal allows for more stations with similar bandwidth.  […]

Two-Way Radio Etiquette and User Tips

Using a two-way radio is much different than talking on a Landline Telephone or Mobile Cellular Phone. The first thing you will notice is that when you use a Two-way Radio, the User must push a PTT (Push-to-Talk)  Button and talk into the Radio Microphone, and then release the PTT Button and listen for a […]

Two-way radios for childcare and education

Two-way radios offer effective communication within and between education and childcare facilities. Two-way radios for childcare Parents who work traditional office hours may have trouble finding time to pick their children up from school. Child daycare and after school care centers are often the answer to this challenge. Employees at these institutions are entrusted with […]

Trunked or Conventional Two-Way Radios?

Two-way radios are excellent communication tools for many organizations. However, it is important to choose whether the conventional or trunked format is best suited for your application. You may ask, “What’s the difference?” Conventional Two-Way Radios Conventional radio systems operate on fixed RF channels and are best suited for organizations with a smaller user group. […]