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Smart Working

It’s time for technology to help the world economy keep moving through smart working! In the ever-changing, global world we live in, keeping up with new needs, possibilities, and lifestyles is becoming more and more difficult. New technologies, smart devices, and being constantly connected makes a major impact on the work environment. Smart working is […]

Managing Change

Are you managing change or just taking a chance? Has the challenging news that permeates the world today got you thinking “what if”? What if your staff can’t come to work tomorrow? What if your customers can’t reach you? There are a myriad of events and situations that can keep employees from working in the […]

Get the Most Out Of Your Phone System

The printing press was the big innovation in communications until the telegraph was developed. The telegraph allowed instant communication over vast distances for the first time in human history. Telegraph usage faded as radio became easy to use and popularized; as radio was being developed, the telephone quickly became the fastest way to communicate person-to-person. The […]

New Technology Ideas for Your Hotel or Motel

For a hospitality property a working phone system is a priority. It is an emergency if the phone system is not working. However, it is part of the property that is rarely thought of, like a chair or a desk.  For most property’s features have been relatively static since the addition of voice mail, but […]

In the Community – for Children’s Wish

On July 17, 2019 Erick Preza represented Nutec Electro Tel in the 26th Annual Richard John Evans Memorial Golf Tournament at the Belvedere Golf & Country Club  in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.   . The participants enjoyed a fine day and helped raise money for a great cause! And, there were great […]

Are You Preventing Toll Fraud?

Toll Fraud Prevention What is toll fraud? Toll fraud is the theft of long-distance telephone service. Toll fraud takes many forms. It is particularly prevalent on phone systems that have not been secured. Toll fraud poses a worldwide problem. Fraudsters can easily rack up many of thousands of dollars in long distance charges before you […]

Camrose Open Door Association

Nutec Electro Tel in the Community On Saturday, May 25, 2019 Nutec Electro Tel participated in the Camrose Open Door Association Charity Golf Tournament. Chris MacKay, Brent Steeves, Myles Steeves, and Erick Preza were our team members at this event! The Camrose Open Door Association is a regional non-profit organization that offers support services and […]

Fiber Optics in Telecommunications

In the recent years, fiber optics is steadily replacing copper wires. Fiber optics is a better and apt means of transmitting communication signals. Today, fiber optics cable span across long distances between local phone systems. In addition, it also serves as the backbone for many networking systems including: Telephone systems University campus Office buildings Industrial […]

Where Managed Telephone Systems are Headed

To manage or not to manage – that is the question! Many organizations are considering cloud or hosted solutions for various parts of their IT infrastructure. Some are even considering outsourcing the entire function of IT. How does voice communications fit into this growing trend? Hosted voice solutions can provide attractive price and ease of […]

Keep Your Business Safe with a Video Surveillance System

A smart business has a good product, hires qualified employees, and has a good marketing strategy.  In addition to protecting against outside threats, video surveillance offers a number of advantages that can safeguard your assets. Check out some of the top reasons you should get quality video surveillance for your company: Protection from thieves This […]