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Get the Advantage of Access Control

Nutec Electro Tel offers access control systems tailored to meet the needs of your business. Your doors can be connected to an electronic system that tells them when to open between specified times, or when a valid access card is presented. Biometric readers may be used to identify a person without the need for a card or fob.

Access control means you are in the driver’s seat in terms of who has access to your building. We understand that you need to regulate movement throughout your facility – you need to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out when it matters most. Access control systems guard against uncontrolled points of entry. Doors propped open, unauthorized access to sensitive areas, and uncontrolled visitor access can be eliminated when using access control security.

Access control systems allow employers to restrict access to certain areas of their building, setting varying levels of security depending on individual employee’s needs and clearances. These systems also track who has entered certain access points; you can see analytics on employees’ movements and receive alerts on suspicious activity.

Access control can make life easier for your employees, save you money and keep your workplace secure. Whether you are a business owner weighing the pros and cons of an access control system, or an administrator looking for reasons to get one, we can help.

Who benefits from Access Control Systems?

·       Education

Schools, especially universities with large campuses, have multi-location security needs. Access control systems make managing entry a breeze. Access control can keep students out of faculty parking lots, unauthorized individuals out of dorm rooms, and more. If you have lab equipment or expensive computers, access control systems can be programmed to ensure only those registered for corresponding courses can access these areas.

·       Government 

For local and provincial governments, security is a top priority. Access control systems can verify employees and limit access to departments, confidential information, and more while maintaining public access to other areas.

·       Healthcare

Those in the healthcare field use access control systems to follow health data confidentiality regulations. Doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and hospitals alike protect patients with access control systems. Access control systems can protect IT rooms or even equipment racks from unauthorized access, helping keep digital data secure. It can also safeguard physical files, examination rooms and equipment like MRI machines.

·       Small and Medium Businesses 

Key cards and access control systems are for more than large organizations with thousands of employees. Small and medium-sized businesses can reap the benefits of using an access control system, too. Access control is scalable, so small businesses can find solutions that work for their size and budget.

·       Worship Centers

In sanctuaries and spiritual centers where all are welcome, balancing security and accessibility can be difficult. Access control makes it easy, keeping doors open during services and locked at other times. Churches, temples, synagogues and mosques can track employee’s comings and goings. They can also keep areas like schools, daycare centers and offices secure while keeping the rest of their facilities open to all.

If you are curious about how access control may assist your organization, please contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation.

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