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My cell phone is great, but functionality and office features are limited for use in my office and warehouse.

Cell phone batteries don’t last long enough to use all day.

I don’t want cell phones on my company network

Today’s business environment demands flexible ways of working and excellent customer services.

NEC’s IP DECT delivers on-site wireless telephony that uniquely combines the benefits of IP technology with the superior quality and facilities of the well-established DECT technology. NEC’s wireless solution is compatible with NEC and various third-party systems such as Avaya, Cisco and Mitel.

An IP DECT solution adds wireless phones as extensions to your office phone system. Answer, transfer, be connected anywhere in your office or building. No monthly fees, great reliability and great performance when compared to voice over Wi-Fi, smartphones and smartphone applications.



Added functionality includes Text and alarm messaging, multi-site mobility, push to talk, location detection and a lone worker solution.

DECT is the favourite technology for wireless on-premises communications. Over the years many innovations have been introduced, and NEC has been at the forefront of all of these. Today, IP DECT plays an important role in connecting and integrating devices, applications and data. Looking to the future, private 5G promises to become a viable option for organizations wanting to deploy their own mobile network without being dependent on the phone company and monthly cell bills. DECT-5G is the specification of the next generation of IP DECT that will pave the way to 5G and ensure seamless integration of present IP DECT technology into future 5G developments.

Contact Nutec today to review your office mobility requirements.

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Contributed by Trevor Naish

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