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Mobility and Accessibility of Staff

Being stuck in an office all day is a production killer. In fact, simply working from home is enough to increase productivity. This was seen in one study that found telecommuters worked up to seven more hours than their in-office counterparts during any given week. Fortunately, workers can access their employer’s VoIP network from home to do this.

In addition to the increased productivity provided by VoIP telecommuting, the technology also allows employees to work while on the go. Whether their train is running late or an important client decided to call during lunch hour, workers can use their smartphones to remain on the network.

The ability of smart devices like tablets and smartphones to support VoIP calling over WiFi brings great benefits in accessibility and mobility.

Staff can make and receive voice and video calls and join the group and individual video conferences on their smart device anytime and anywhere. Other VoIP features such as call forwarding and pick-up, voicemail placing and retrieval are available, though depending on the specific handset.

For remote workers, what has changed is WiFi availability at both clients’ premises and in public spaces. WiFi is common in business, and many public spaces provide free WiFi, either themselves or through their tenants. Most hotels now have free WiFi for guests, and some municipalities provide it as a public free service.

Remote and mobile workers can now connect using a VPN to the Internet and the corporate network from anywhere that has WiFi coverage.

Remote and mobile workers can now be full members of the workforce.

Please contact our Nutec Electro Tel Team to explore the possibility of improving the mobility and accessibility of your staff.

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