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Document Management: Printers and Copiers

Even if you are filing most documents electronically, in virtual filing cabinets, there are
almost always physical documents to be processed. Organizing your system of filing
would be a topic all of its own. Here we will address a couple of the physical elements of
document management.

Printers and Copiers

paper jamWe often hear complaints about paper jams in printers and copiers. This can be really disruptive to productivity and may be caused by any one of a number of issues. In the past, this was often a major problem with some machines. Today`s machines are much more reliable and usually operate with fewer paper jams. Properly loaded paper can help eliminate some of the paper jam problem. Instead of loading a whole ream (500 sheet package) of paper at once, try separating it into thirds. Fan each of these and square them up before loading them in the machine. Use quality paper. Sometimes lower cost paper varies in quality from batch to batch. However, there are some brands of budget priced paper that work very well. Find one that gives you the best experience.

If you have problems with printing to thicker paper, such as card stock, be sure to check the specifications of your device to ensure it is designed for the paper you chose. In most machines, if card stock is supported, it should be loaded in the by-pass tray. If you continue to have problems, you may require a technician to check it out.

Multifunction Printers (MFP)

copyingMany machines today combine the functions of copier, scanner, printer, and optional fax all in one device. Depending upon your device model, you may be able to scan documents for printing, scan to a file, scan to email and ⁄or scan to secure encrypted storage on the hard drive of your machine.

These machines range in size and scope from meeting the basic needs of a small office to full scale publishing machines with built-in document servers. From a practical perspective, the best tip to offer here is that you utilize a maintenance agreement to handle everything so you only need to provide the required paper products.

Advanced Technology

Would the latest in tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet your print, document management and content needs help you achieve your business goals?

How about a fast Dual-Scan Document Feeder that handles up to 300 sheets at a time and seamlessly scans both sides of each page in a single pass? Or, would a basic Reversing Automatic Document Feeder fill the bill?

Do you ever get delayed by another print job that’s held-up due to requiring a specific paper size or type? Then a “Print Around” feature would eliminate printing bottlenecks by allowing other print jobs to go around that one stubborn job.

There are numerous document management aids available to make your office life easier and more productive. I find AquaAce paper particularly attractive. Some printers can produce outstanding results on AquaAce, a water, oil, chemical and UV resistant paper. AquaAce paper can be used with Colour Laser Printers to create vivid images that are durable and maintain their shape overtime. Each image is protected to ensure your prints look perfect in any kind of weather or condition. This saves time and money by printing in-house. It also reduces your carbon footprint because it is reusable and can be disposed of like regular household waste.

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