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Save Money with Cloud Telephony

Embrace a phone system that is always available, no matter where you go. As you expand, you also have a lot of opportunities without needing to buy extra equipment. These days, nearly every facet of communication can be taken to “the cloud,” and Unified Communication (UC) is no exception. Modern UC solutions let organizations focus on their core mission rather than keeping up with technology. These solutions have three important attributes—hosted, virtual and managed—each of which offers unique business benefits.

Cloud adoption is increasing

Cloud applications continue to increase in popularity and UC is no exception, with experts projecting continued growth in cloud adoption for IP telephony, video and web conferencing, IM, and email/calendar applications. Predictable operational costs and reduced capital costs are among the leading drivers accelerating deployment of UC cloud applications.

The fact that your entire phone system is online can help with connectivity like you’ve never experienced before. You can have one number that connects every department rather than needing to connect multiple departments with different phone lines. Also, no wires are needed or other phone equipment necessary that can easily get in the way. The connectivity provides access to your VoIP service anywhere you go. This includes calling in through your cell phone from a hotel or around the world. Customer calls can easily be routed through your smartphone so you won’t have to worry about missing a single call. You can even play back your messages wherever you have an Internet connection. More so, VoIP works like a personal secretary, your own built-in artificial intelligence.

Customer Friendly Features

With features like personal attendant, you can intelligently guide your callers to the department they want. The ability to connect all departments easily helps get a call to the right person faster without needing to be placed on hold. You never have to worry about losing a customer or missing out on connecting with a business associate right away.

Every business is unique. Each has its own processes, configurations and preferred methods of communication. We partner with you to assess your environment and customize a solution for your business. That solution should support easy updates as your business grows and your requirements evolve.

Experience the benefits of VoIP for your business to see how easy it is to set up and use. Contact us to find out more about how we can set up VoIP for you with no capital investment.

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