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So you need a new Business Telephone System

Let’s look at how your present business communication functions and compare that with future requirements.

If your workforce is at multiple locations, connecting everyone together has traditionally been a challenge. With current technology it is much simpler and more affordable. By bringing everyone together under one platform you will avoid isolation and facilitate collaboration. And, with the continuing trend to have remote employees and contractors, it becomes a mandatory requirement.


The size of your company is a big factor that will help you determine the solution you deploy. For instance, companies with less than 20 users are more likely to employ a virtual system, because of the lower start-up costs. However, buying a PBX system can make perfect sense for larger organizations (or smaller businesses with a long horizon), because the cost of ownership can be less expensive in the long run than a virtual PBX. You also need to factor in any expected business expansion. A business communications solution is a long term commitment for most companies and you’ll want to assure that it can grow with you.

Present phone system

What type of telephone system is in place now? What’s working for you and what’s not.

Call handling

In order to create an effective solution for your company’s needs, we need to determine the number of simultaneous phone calls during peak calling periods. Your receptionist may be the best resource for this, or the information may be available in a report out of your present system.

How are calls typically answered by an automated attendant or someone answering the phones? From that point, how do calls get distributed? What happens to the call if the intended party is on the phone? What happens if they are out of the office?

It’s important to get feedback from your heaviest phone users and their managers. Typically, the sales and customer service departments are the groups who have the most intensive telephone users. They likely know your company’s communications challenges best.

With all this information, we can work with you to develop an efficient call handling process.

Contact us now for a complimentary evaluation: 1-800-898-3336.

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