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Business Technology Priorities

The single most important consideration when establishing your business technology priorities is the impact on your business mission. As a business owner, you’ll only want to acquire technology solutions that help you: Inspire your customers and enhance customer service, Manage your costs and improve productivity, and Align with your longer-term business objectives. Often the telephone […]

How’s your connection?

Is it time to assess the value you’re getting from you business telephone system? Are you maximizing customer service and productivity? Today’s telephone systems offer the opportunity to maintain the all-important personal connection with customers while effectively utilizing new features available with current technology. If you are considering upgrading your telephone system, it’s important to […]

Select the right phone system

It can be a challenging process to select the right telephone system for your business. Several factors should be considered. Here are a few thoughts that may help you with this exercise. Reliability is a critical component to any business telephone system. Traditional PBX systems with analog or digital (PRI) connections to the outside world […]