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Smart Working

It’s time for technology to help the world economy keep moving through smart working! In the ever-changing, global world we live in, keeping up with new needs, possibilities, and lifestyles is becoming more and more difficult. New technologies, smart devices, and being constantly connected makes a major impact on the work environment. Smart working is […]

Managing Change

Are you managing change or just taking a chance? Has the challenging news that permeates the world today got you thinking “what if”? What if your staff can’t come to work tomorrow? What if your customers can’t reach you? There are a myriad of events and situations that can keep employees from working in the […]


My cell phone is great, but functionality and office features are limited for use in my office and warehouse. Cell phone batteries don’t last long enough to use all day. I don’t want cell phones on my company network Today’s business environment demands flexible ways of working and excellent customer services. NEC’s IP DECT delivers […]

Get the Most Out Of Your Phone System

The printing press was the big innovation in communications until the telegraph was developed. The telegraph allowed instant communication over vast distances for the first time in human history. Telegraph usage faded as radio became easy to use and popularized; as radio was being developed, the telephone quickly became the fastest way to communicate person-to-person. The […]

Go Mobile with MLC

Mobile devices are becoming the primary communications method for most of today’s on-the-go workforce. Along with the expanded use of mobile phones for business comes the challenge of remaining connected and effective, without the functionality of a networked telephone. The Multiline Client provides the power of having the functionality of NEC’s desktop phone through Apple and Android […]

Four Travel Worries You Can Send Packing with Smart Home Security

A vacation is something you wait for all-year-round and the last thing you want to do when the day finally arrives is to worry about your home; wondering whether you closed the upstairs window or the garage door is all too common.  The good news is these worries can go away with the use of […]

Front Desk Assistant

  Improve your visitor experience with NEC’s Front Desk Assistant (FDA) You can take the visitor management and customer experience to new levels with NEC’s Facial Recognition technology. The FDA features serve to enhance the visitor experience for all types of businesses. In today’s security-conscious environment, most businesses will track and monitor visitors and keep […]

How Smart Home Security Devices Protect your Home, Loved Ones and Peace of Mind

A survey in 2012 found that 60% of burglars skip a home if it has an automated home security system. Those who entered unawares fled as soon as they realized there was a home security device installed to alert the homeowners and authorities.  Sensors and smart devices work wonders to protect your home when you’re […]

A Few Reasons to Upgrade to Digital Radios

Digital radio is the future of radio broadcasting. More and more people are upgrading from analog to digital two-way radios, not because they are new but because they are useful. Digital radios have far clearer reception than AM/FM. There is no static, background noise and the digital signal allows for more stations with similar bandwidth.  […]

The Impact of 5G

5G networks will potentially transform the way business is conducted through internet markets. The fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G) promises exciting new services and will impact AI, IoT, media convergence, and create new milestones in connected devices. The 5G technology will provide a higher peak data rate and much greater reliability than its forerunners. It may […]