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NEC SL2100 Smart Communications System

The way we do business and the way we communicate is changing rapidly. Mobility has become the norm. Customer expectations have soared and budgets have shrunk. The SL2100 galvanizes your team. In turn, it creates a positive customer experience that generates repeat business.

It’s highly cost effective because there’s more built-in. With VoIP capabilities, it puts Unified Communications within reach of small businesses or it can be used as resilient TDM solution

with future-proof upgrade potential. It also presents considerable savings and functionality over and above alternative hosted solutions. Your business can’t afford downtime and nor can your communications. The SL2100 provides a reliable, ‘always on’ solution. There’s less hardware, less licenses and less maintenance to worry about.

The ‘On-Demand’ Workforce

With the advent of all the communications technologies in the market, customers expect to be able to reach someone at a business to get immediate answers and information – without having to leave a message. To assist in maintaining a positive customer experience and a high level of service, businesses today need to have workforces that are available and ‘on-demand’ from any location. A great customer experience usually generates repeat business.

With NEC’s SL2100, you can ensure that your team stays connected through its wide-range of communication tools that accommodate flexible workspaces and allow free roaming wherever they are.

Work Smarter – Applications to increase efficiency

NEC’s SL2100’s InUC delivers to you an integrated unified communications (UC) solution that enhances your organization’s productivity and collaboration. This productivity-boosting solution offers you key functions that deliver excellent business benefits. With InUC’s intuitive web-based client, it enables full call control from your PC screen. It offers a quick and easy way to manage calls and look up contacts. It also provides video conferencing, collaboration, document sharing, presence and instant messaging which allows you to stay connected and productive from any location.

The SL2100 offers a host of standard features at a value that leaves most communications technology providers hard-pressed to compete. Built-in features include:

  • VoIP Enabled
  • Voicemail
  • Music on Hold
  • Mobility / Remote Worker Support
  • Auto Attendant
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Conferencing & Collaboration (license required)
  • Call Recording
  • Web RTC (Real-Time Communications)

The SL2100 also offers an array of add-on Smart Mobility options, including:

  • Remote / Home Office Support
  • Mobile Wireless Handsets
  • Smartphone SIP App
  • Mobile Extension

The SL2100 will support up to 72 digital stations, 96 analog stations, 128 IP phones, and you can host up to 8 party video conferencing sessions.