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PANASONIC KX-NSX1000 and KX-NSX2000 Business Communications Servers

The Panasonic KX-NSX2000 and KX-NSX1000 represent the next generation of business communications solutions. They deliver the reliability, scalability and flexibility that medium sized businesses demand today. Their many capabilities mean they can adapt to the way users work, wherever they are.

Easy to install and equally easy to operate, the KX-NSX Series servers are ideal for businesses looking to connect extensions, without relying on a specific location. Users can assign a phone number to numerous devices, such as their office and mobile phone, spreading their communications over various workplaces using a single number. Multiple users can even share the same extension, applying their own profile so they only receive calls and voicemail intended for them.

In terms of scalability, the KX-NSX2000 can support up to 2,000 users (1,000 for the KXNSX1000) across as many as 32 sites for seamless communication. When a problem does occur, a secondary back-up unit means downtime is reduced.

Every business has different communication needs: connecting with their customers in different ways, in different places, and using a range of devices. That’s why today’s mobile and fragmented workforce needs a communication solution capable of meeting the demands and expectations of their clients whenever they arise.

The KX-NSX helps companies provide a great overall customer experience by delivering the next generation communication system that meets today’s flexible workforce and increased customer demands. So whether you have employees that work in various locations around the office, are adding new employees, setting up a new office, starting a help desk, or setting up employees to work from home, the KX-NSX can easily adapt to your needs.

Backup and support whenever you need it

An automatic system back-up is activate, so if the primary unit fails a secondary unit is promoted to the working system, providing a totally resilient service to support the mission critical communications of your business.

Be there for your customers whenever they need you

Communicate with customers wherever work takes you. Thanks to a multi-zone wireless system, you can receive calls on the go from different devices. You can even switch between desk phone and mobile during conversations.

Connect mobile devices as office extensions with the same number for efficient management and seamless customer service.  Presence management features, text chat, and video call functions provide greater mobility and business flexibility.

Unify business communications

Improve efficiency and enable users to utilise limited resources effectively through Panasonic’s UC Pro support, video communication functions, a built-in call centre function, partner application linking, and more.

Monitor callers in real time to understand and address onsite problems. Produce call reports and save them to an external server to identify new opportunities and improve customer service. 

What kind of communication fits with your business?

Whatever type of communication you need for your business, Panasonic’s KX-NSX Series offers users a wide range of capabilities and features to suit your workforce.

Panasonic can offer you multi-functional unified communication tools with a single application interface. Panasonic UC Pro application has the features for Text/Audio/Video chat, Screen Sharing, and Calender/Email integration feature.

Panasonic business communication systems can offer you various kinds of mobile solutions with own brand devices and applications. Smartphones can work as company extension lines with phone application, and hands-free conversation with DECT devices and Bluetooth headsets is also possible to fit any kinds of work environment.

The Panasonic business communication platforms have built-in call management system into the main unit. You can view the phone status activity live-report such as number of waiting calls or longest waiting time without any external hardware. You can also generate an employee performance graph for deeper analysis.

Panasonic can offer the full line-up of safety monitoring solutions from enterprise to small businesses. Camera devices or door phone devices work as PBX platform extensions. By utilizing this feature, you can set up a simple monitoring solution without an additional cost for the property monitoring.