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Transition to 5G Networks

5G networks and devices provide faster speeds, better coverage, and enhanced security. The promise of our 5G future depends in part on the wireless industry using their spectrum assets most effectively so consumers can experience the most robust speeds and capacity. 

New devices and networks are more reliable and secure—and work better with the latest 9-1-1 technologies. They also offer more protection from illegal and unwanted robocalls. 

This is not just about phones. Consumers should think about other devices that connect to a wireless network. If you are a consumer or enterprise customer with 3G Internet of Things devices, you will also need to upgrade them. Such devices could range from alarm systems to connected car modules, to other sensors. 5G technology is primed and ready for your IoT needs with better service, reliability, and security.

If you need to upgrade your mobile device, be sure to recycle it! Mobile devices contain a variety of materials that can be reused to create new mobile devices, electronics or other products, reducing unnecessary waste and saving energy that would be spent on sourcing new materials. Before recycling your phone, be sure to deactivate it via your wireless provider. You should also clear your mobile device of any personal information. Typically, this is done by restoring your phone to its factory settings. If you’d like to save your data, first back up your device to the cloud or a computer, or transfer the data to a new device. If you are replacing your mobile device with one from the same wireless provider, you can take out your device’s SIM card and reuse it in the new phone.

Please contact us if you wish assistance with this process.

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