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Benefits of Access Control

Monitor All Activity

Most businesses stock valuable merchandise, assets, and other properties within their facilities. Unfortunately, this also acts as a temptation for people who have access to the location.

For instance, there is a high risk of the property being stolen each day in pharmacies, laboratories, and clinics where pharmaceutical drugs and high-value equipment can be sold on the black market.

Using an access control system can help these establishments monitor who has accessed their facilities. The technology used can log each entry, allowing security staff to backtrack and review access data in case of incidents.

Improve Security for Sensitive Data

Theft of valuables is a common concern for many facilities, so is the potential for a data breach to happen. Common physical breaches include insider leaks, theft of physical hard drives, and personal property. 

These breaches result in the loss of company data and the theft and misuse of personal employee information. This is one of the reasons why companies today should implement effective discretionary access control systems in areas where data servers are located.

Using the right system provides businesses with the ability to generate specific credentials for different levels of access control. 

Improved Safety for Everyone in the Building

Having a keyless access control system increases the safety of workers whenever they are in the building. This means that they can be protected from potential harm caused by outsiders.

Keyless access entry systems can also be used to improve the safety of apartment rentals, condo ownership, and their tenants. Security access door locks can be used as a more secure way of keeping furniture, appliances, gadgets, and other valuables intact.

Moreover, systems that use mobile credentials, for example, add an additional layer of security since credentials cannot be shared or copied, unlike physical keys.

Avoid the Hassle of Using Traditional Keys

Physical key systems can be problematic in effectively securing company premises.

For example, whenever an employee loses their key, you’ll need to provide them a new one, so they can regain entry to your office and resume work.

In most instances, particularly those in high-security locations, losing a key often means replacing all corresponding locks to avoid potential, unwanted access. However, this also means that companies will have to issue all of their employees with new keys — all because one of their colleagues misplaced or lost theirs.

With modern access control readers, keyless access, and smart locks, there’s no need to worry about losing a key card or fob. No need to replace all of the keys and locks anymore.

A robust access control system can help eliminate many of the issues that are normally associated with restricted access areas that use traditional keys. It also makes it easier for you and those around you to ensure that the area is always secure.

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