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NEC Univerge SV9300 Communications Server

The SV9300 is a proprietary, scalable Unified Communications (UC) server with stackable chassis architecture which supports server functions, media gateways and media converters in a single unit. It offers IP or Digital voice support, Unified Messaging, Voicemail and Mobility features. The simplified user licensing structure provided streamlined application integration.

Make Collaborating easier with UC

NEC’s SV9300 UC for Enterprise (UCE) suite of applications gives you the communication tools you need to streamline communications and information delivery. With this powerful, manageable solution your information is centralized and messages unified, so your employees can efficiently manage day-to-day business and communications easily. SV9300 UC’s empowered user is able to dictate and manage how, whenand where he/she wants to be reached via the desktop and mobile clients. And with the help and inclusion of single number reach, an integrated softphone, call forwarding and voice/video conferencing and collaboration you can ensure that your customers can reach whomever they need to, when they need to. It also provides you with the option of using the desktop client as a standalone application or integrated with your Microsoft® Office Outlook® client. With SV9300 UC, your employees retain ownership of their communications. They can set their schedule and their phones rings

accordingly, or launch a meeting or customer service session and manage it directly from their desktop. SV9300 UC gives your employees exactly what they want, unencumbered communications that they control.

Unify Your Messages Easily

Your customers expect to be able to get in touch with you easily. They don’t want long wait times and they will demand smart contact capabilities. To be responsive to these needs, your employees must have tools at their disposal that help eliminate long call holds, incorrect call

routing, and lost messages.

NEC’s Unified Messaging (UM) solution is the answer for small and medium businesses wishing to maximize customer satisfaction. As customers call your business, an instruction menu announcement will play providing them with a choice of dialing options. From there, they can

simply direct themselves to the party whom they are calling without an operator ever putting them on hold.

Automate Your Communications

The SV9300 UM system automates your communications by providing your business with one voicemail system complete with integrated voice messaging capabilities and automated attendant features. Our UM solution increases user productivity by providing them with enhanced call control and an easy-to-use management interface.

With the additional productivity features that UM provides, your users will be able to save, delete, or keep as new any voice message that has been forwarded to your email system, letting you empower your team to simplify message management and streamline business communications on their own—right from their Interactive Softkeys.