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All Aboard with UC?

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

Gartner defines unified communications (UC) products (equipment, software and services) as those that facilitate the interactive use of multiple enterprise communications methods. This can include control, management and integration of these methods. UC products integrate communications channels (media), networks and systems, as well as IT business applications and, in some cases, consumer applications and devices.

Why deploy UC

UC’s primary purpose is to bring every form of your communications together in one single interface and deliver voice, text, e-mail, or video messages to the devices most accessible to the intended recipient. For example, voice calls to desk phones may be routed to the user’s smartphone or tablet when required. Similarly, e-mail intended for a desktop mailbox could be sent to the user’s mobile device.

Who needs UC?

In this fast-pace, mobile world many of us need to stay connected while we are on the move. By using UC, you can start a phone call from your desk phone, and continue the call seamlessly on a mobile device as you walk away from the desk and out of the office. So, in terms of continuing the business phone call and saving time by completing the task at hand, you don’t need to tell the person you’ll call them back later.canstockphoto14023964

There are a lot of ways you and your colleagues can be reached. This also means there are a lot of ways you could miss a call or message if you’re not organized and constantly keeping up with it all. Presence technology, another major UC component, offers substantial value by providing a status indicator that conveys the availability of you and your device(s). This maintains real-time information about a person’s availability. Accordingly, it is possible for presence-enabled applications to make accurate decisions about how to contact a person based on what the application knows about that person’s availability. Rather than calling the person’s office, home and cell phone, you may save time by contacting the right device the first time.

What to look for in UC

As technology converges, communications platforms are shifting to software-based applications, which are integrated with each other and with business applications. This indicates the importance of partnering with an agile, competent provider that will keep your communication systems current and performing properly.

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