Fever Screening Solutions

FAST, RELIABLE, SAFE COVID-19 SYMPTOM DETECTION “Approved by Health Canada” One second to detect skin-surface temperature of a person Multi-person detection simultaneously Non-contact measurement to avoid physical contact Immediately alarming to notify operators AI detection to reduce false alarms from other heat sources Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution Multiple product types and wide range of applications, designed […]

Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) refers to the policies and tools used by IT departments to ensure that people and entities have the appropriate level of access to the organization’s technical resources. IAM systems are technology solutions to securely manage digital identities and their access to various applications and systems. IAM systems provide administrators with […]

Four Travel Worries You Can Send Packing with Smart Home Security

A vacation is something you wait for all-year-round and the last thing you want to do when the day finally arrives is to worry about your home; wondering whether you closed the upstairs window or the garage door is all too common.  The good news is these worries can go away with the use of […]

How Smart Home Security Devices Protect your Home, Loved Ones and Peace of Mind

A survey in 2012 found that 60% of burglars skip a home if it has an automated home security system. Those who entered unawares fled as soon as they realized there was a home security device installed to alert the homeowners and authorities.  Sensors and smart devices work wonders to protect your home when you’re […]

Prioritize Security

  Businesses looking for an integrated security and surveillance solution can find a daunting range of choices. Following are key elements to consider while selecting the security and surveillance solution that best meets your needs: Clarify your objectives Why do you need a new security and surveillance system? How will it be used to benefit […]

Password Safety and Helpful Tips

Next time you create another password, pay a little more attention and make it a stronger more secure one!  The goal is to prevent attackers from gaining access to your account and stealing your personal information. Unfortunately, even though people may think this type of criminal activity is somewhat rare, identity theft statistics show that […]

Why Dog Owners Still Need a Security System

You might want to reconsider getting a guard dog for the sole purpose of protecting your house from intruders. While dogs can certainly be beneficial in the event that someone breaks into your home, they shouldn’t be the only security system you have. Here are five reasons why you should install a security alarm instead […]

Tracking Your most Valuable Assets

Tracking assets is a vital task for any business. Keeping track of your most valuable assets including your employees, equipment, and fleet is a concern for many businesses today. To help track these, many companies are turning to GPS Tracking Solutions. You may notice that there are as many available systems as there are flavours […]

Helpful Tips for your Home or Business Security System

Security System technology has come a long way from the early years.  In the early 1900s, telephone lines helped create the security systems that we are familiar with today.  After the phone line technology became the standard, not much changed until motion sensors were introduced in the 1970s. The more modern security systems rely on […]

Secure with an Access Control System

Opening a business in a low-crime area does not mean that burglars will leave you alone. Even in the best neighborhoods, criminals will find out about your company and try to take anything of value. In today’s technology driven world, door access control systems have become an essential component of business security. In fact, there […]