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Surviving Remote Work Solutions

Does company culture survive WFH? According to Dina Rabhan, Strategic Consultant, The answer is a resounding YES!! and The pandemic is THE perfect time to re-examine your organizational culture. For healthy companies, culture work never ends. It must be constantly reviewed, adjusted, and fostered. Let’s start with what culture is not: Culture is NOT great […]

Mobility and Accessibility of Staff

Being stuck in an office all day is a production killer. In fact, simply working from home is enough to increase productivity. This was seen in one study that found telecommuters worked up to seven more hours than their in-office counterparts during any given week. Fortunately, workers can access their employer’s VoIP network from home […]

Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

VoIP for Business has become commonplace in the business and personal marketplace. Most businesses use it, bringing them many benefits. The increases in Increased remote working and working from home following the restrictions imposed by the pandemic has meant many more small businesses using VoIP for Business. Originally VoIP meant a level of expense that put out […]