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Transition to 5G Networks

5G networks and devices provide faster speeds, better coverage, and enhanced security. The promise of our 5G future depends in part on the wireless industry using their spectrum assets most effectively so consumers can experience the most robust speeds and capacity.  New devices and networks are more reliable and secure—and work better with the latest […]

Mobility and Accessibility of Staff

Being stuck in an office all day is a production killer. In fact, simply working from home is enough to increase productivity. This was seen in one study that found telecommuters worked up to seven more hours than their in-office counterparts during any given week. Fortunately, workers can access their employer’s VoIP network from home […]

The Impact of 5G

5G networks will potentially transform the way business is conducted through internet markets. The fifth-generation wireless technologies (5G) promises exciting new services and will impact AI, IoT, media convergence, and create new milestones in connected devices. The 5G technology will provide a higher peak data rate and much greater reliability than its forerunners. It may […]